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Calamari and Octopus

calamari and octopus

octopus and frozen available sizes at sammy's seafoodOCTOPUS- FRESH AND FROZEN
Fresh octopus is available as a bycatch to our boats and brought in from Portugal as baby octopus (26/30 count/lb). Frozen octopus is available year round. Baby octopus, and octopus 'balls' are available from China and Mexico. Mexican octopus are considered the superior octopus and are known for their  tenderness and sweet  succulent flavor.

 calamari in various forms available at sammy's seafood

CALAMARI-   Squid meat is firm and white with a mild, slightly sweet and almost nutty flavor. Although the tentacles are edible, the body is the prime section of meat which can be stuffed whole, cut into flat pieces, or sliced crosswise into perfect rings. Squid is available fresh, canned, frozen, dried and pickled. Sammy's carries frozen squid in various sizes, tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings only, rings and tentacles-as well as squid ink.

fresh Town Dock calamari, Pt Judith, R.I.


FRESH CALAMARI- Sammy's carries fresh, cleaned squid from Pt. Judith, Rhode Island in various sizes and prep (tubes and tentacles, tubes only, rings, etc.).

squid inkSquid ink is used in Italian and Spanish cuisines for its intense black color and salty, bitter flavor that evokes the sea.



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