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warm water local clams and northern cold water clams


Sammy's Seafood best selling clams are the local warm water hard shelled clams of Joe Island, FL. These clams are harvested daily to order and come in a variety of sizes-pasta neck, little neck, middle neck and top neck. Bags are ten pounds or 100 counts. The sweet succulent taste, briny freshness and pricing of these local sustainable clams make them tops on Sammy's list of clams.

littleneck clamsLITTLE NECK CLAM- east coast   
This is the common hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, which comes in several sizes. The smallest and sweetest is the Little Neck clam, which measures less than 2 inches across and is about 10 to a pound (it takes its name from Little Neck Bay in New York). 

STEAMERS- east coast
A soft-shelled clam found in shallow waters in the Chesapeake, Main, Massachusetts and entire Pacific Coast. The shell is lengthy, gray, soft and brittle. The siphon is covered by a thin skin, its flavor is sweet. Often steamed, breaded, and deep fried.

CHERRYSTONE- east coast wild  
The medium-sized common hard clam the cherrystone clam or topneck clam, between 2-3 inches across. (Some sources maintain that topneck is a size between littleneck and cherrystone, creating a fourth size.)



QUAHOG-   east coast wild  
The largest is the chowder clam (also occasionally referred to by the Narragansett Indian name quahog or simply “large” clam), with a shell measuring at least 3 inches across.  Quahogs are processed for use in chowders and breaded strips. These clams are dredged off the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts.


manila clamd and farmed west coast MANILA CLAMS-   west coast  
Japanese in origin, Manila clams are produced in Washington and British Columbia. Manila clams are very plentiful and farmed or rake harvested, making them a responsible seafood choice in terms of their environmental impact.



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