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Mid Atlantic Domestic Fish


 whole croakre and WILD Va.

CROAKERS-     WILD VIRGINIA     Croakers have tender meat with a mild sweet flavor. Croakers are a member of the drum family, they are similar to spots and  black sea bass. The name comes from the sound it makes by vibrating its  inflated air bladder.

 whole black sea bass and WILD Va.

BLACK SEA BASS-  WILD VIRGINIA     Black sea bass meat is firm in texture and cooks up bright white. All bass have dense, tender flesh and delicate, fresh flavors; the dense texture is less firm (and less flaky) than halibut. Year-round inhabitants of the mid-Atlantic region from Maine to NE Florida and eastern Gulf of Mexico. Season closed in March- April.

 fluke whole and wild Virginia domestic

FLUKE (summer flounder)  -    WILD VIRGINIA         Out of the mid-Atlantic region, fluke is a flat fish that has been referred to as the summer flounder. Prized among chefs for it’s tender mild flavor and delicate texture, flounder is naturally high in protein and low in fat.


JOHN DORY-  WILD RHODE ISLAND   Grilled whole or filleted tableside, this mediterrainean morsel can be served with the skin on or off. It's as famous as the cod and is as tasty as dover sole. Formerly known as St Peter Fish. Caught in Mediterranean as well as the depths of Rhode Island area in North Atlantic. 

 rainbow trout whole and LOCAL North Carolina domestic

RAINBOW TROUT-     FARMED NORTH CAROLINA     The Rainbow Trout that we offer come directly to our plant from the Carolina farms already filleted and with it's head on. Rainbow Trout has a delicate meat, pale brown to almost white in color and a flaked mild meat which makes it a very popular fish.


RED DRUM (red fish)  -   WILD VIRGINIA       Red drum is commercially unavailable for harvest in the Florida waters but are still readily caught elsewhere and enjoyed by many. Red drum has a moderate flavor and is not oily. A firm, low fat fish found in the temperate waters off the Atlantic Coast or in the salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

 striped sea bass and WILD va.

STRIPED SEA BASS (stripers)  -    WILD VIRGINIA     Striped Bass, 'stripers' are native to the Atlantic coast. Striped bass meat is white and flakey, almost like a red snapper. A delicate, slightly sweet mild fish found in saltwater bays and inlet channels. When cooked its opaque white meat is moderately firm with a fine flake and its high oil content keeps the meat moist. All bass have dense, tender flesh and delicate, fresh flavors; the dense texture is less firm (and less flaky) than halibut. Season late winter early spring and Fall. Spawn April-May. Some activity in June but most nearshore quota met by warmer months. Big stripers best November-April.

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