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Experimental Farm Could be the Future for Fish, Veggies


That fish gracing your dinner table now is either caught in the wild - or raised in offshore cages. But with demand growing, researchers are looking for new alternatives to raise food. We take a tour of an experimental farm run by Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. There, fish - and vegetables grown using fish waste - are being raised far inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

Some day, that fish on your plate at a fancy waterside restaurant may have spawned at a place like Kevan Main's experimental farm.

"So this building is where we have the breeding systems," she says, taking me on a tour of the facility. "Every room is separate from the others. It has its own filter system and its own water temperature control system, so that we can accommodate the needs of the different fishes. For example, this room has red drum in it, and they're being conditioned for spawning now."

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